60 pun headlines that travel editors love a little too much

David Whitley October 26, 2009 16

Travel pun headlines

Far be it for me to discourage the use of a pun headline (in fact, in my former incarnation as a travel magazine editor I was thoroughly addicted to them). But when it comes to travel, a few destination-related headlines tend to pop up a little too often.


So, for future reference dear travel editors, you may wish to avoid this little lot…


  1. American Dream
  2. Anguilla Thriller
  3. Bern-ing Ambition
  4. Putting on the Biarritz
  5. Brazilliant
  6. California Dreaming
  7. Champagne Moments
  8. Chilling in Chile
  9. Chinese Whispers
  10. Wonderful Copenhagen
  11. Czech Out

  12. Czech In
  13. Czech It Out
  14. Traveller’s Czech
  15. Reality Czech
  16. Darwin’s Evolution
  17. The Darwin Rewards
  18. Dublin’s Bubblin’
  19. Durban Legend
  20. Start to Finnish
  21. French Fancy
  22. Unconventional Geneva
  23. Going To Goa
  24. Greece Lightning
  25. Havana Good Time
  26. Havana Ball
  27. Hungary for More
  28. Hvar From the Madding Crowd
  29. Indian Spice
  30. Indian Summer
  31. Turning Japanese
  32. Kenya Dig It
  33. Korea Change
  34. Korea Advice
  35. Drinking in LA
  36. Miami Vice
  37. Mission to Moscow
  38. Going Dutch

  39. Orlando Magic
  40. Paris Match
  41. Roman Holiday
  42. Free to Rome
  43. The Way To San Jose
  44. Scot Free
  45. Heart and Seoul
  46. Seoul Survivor
  47. Shanghai Surprise
  48. Sharm Offensive
  49. Singapore Fling
  50. Sofia So Good
  51. Spanish Steps
  52. Swede Dreams
  53. A Swiss Banker
  54. 24 Hours IN Tulsa
  55. Turkish Delights
  56. Oh Vienna!
  57. Viennese Whirl
  58. Viva Las Vegas
  59. A Wales of a Time
  60. Wellington Boost



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