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David Whitley August 10, 2012 7

Why I don’t want your “guest post”

“I saw your site.” Ooh, that’s nice – something must have worked.

“… And you really liked it too.” Well, I’ll take that – even if you don’t seem to have read enough of it to be identify a single thing you liked about it.

“… And I wondered if you’d be interested in a guest post.” Ah. Here we have a problem.

“… A guest post that would be absolutely FREE!” Hmmmmmmmmm.

“… The article will be 100% unique and Copyscape protected.” I hate to be a pedant, but you can’t have percentages of unique. It’s either unique or it isn’t. As for Copyscape protected? If that’s a primary concern, chances are this isn’t going to be written for the benefit of human beings.

“… It would be great if you can add a small “Author Biographies” at the end of the article with my related site’s links”. Oh. So that’s it. What you’re after is an advert. A free advert for your site, which I’m going to wager, is not in any way related to mine.


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Guest post policy

I’ve had plenty of these e-mails recently. Enough to make me write something I didn’t think I’d need to write – a policy on guest posts.

If you take a look around this site, you’ll find a lot of words. All of those words are written by one person – me, David Whitley. That’s because it’s my site, and a major purpose of it is to showcase the work I’ve been doing elsewhere. The site has a distinctive voice because of this.

I don’t have any guest posts on Grumpy Traveller. And I don’t intend to have any on it either. If I change my mind on this, it will be because a writer I respect, whose work I really like, can add something to the site that I really want. If I want it, it’s because it will be genuinely something worthwhile to have on the site. Therefore I will pay for it – any feasible guest posts on here in the future will be properly commissioned after deliberately selecting the right writer to do them. I am not going to publish guest posts from someone I have never heard of who e-mails me out of the blue from a suspicious-sounding e-mail address. If this it you, don’t bother. You’re wasting your time.

If you’re offering me a guest post for free, I don’t have to read it to know that it’s going to be rubbish and totally ill-suited to my site.

If it was any good, you wouldn’t be offering it to me for free – you’d be writing it for your own site and watching links to it grow organically. People will be happy to link to your site for free when it contains excellent content they think will benefit their readers.

If you’re offering a FREE! guest post on the proviso that a few links to your own or another site are thrown in, then you are not giving something for free – you’re getting something for free. What you want is a free advert. I’d treat you with less contempt if you at least admitted that.

Well, the good news is that I’m happy with at least half of the “free advert” equation. Unfortunately for you, it’s not the “free” part. If you want an advert, the rates are here.

In the meantime, put your amazing free, 100% unique, copyscape protected, grammatically incorrect drivel up on your own site.

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