A simple rule to help you decide if your carry-on bag is too big

David Whitley May 19, 2014 Comments Off on A simple rule to help you decide if your carry-on bag is too big

Photo via Ken Douglas/ Flickr.

Photo via Ken Douglas/ Flickr.

With airlines – both budget and full service – charging passengers to check in bags, a battle for the space in the overhead lockers on planes has emerged. As USA Today’s Chris Elliott says, there’s a dire need to establish some etiquette over the whole carry-on carry on.

But it doesn’t need to be that complicated. In fact there’s a very simple way of working out whether you’re taking the piss with what you’re trying to take onto the plane – and it goes a little like this…

STEP ONE: Look at your carry on bag.

STEP TWO: Check the bottom of it.

STEP THREE: Ascertain whether there are wheels on the bottom of it. If so, you should be checking it in.


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If your carry-on bag is so heavy and unmanageable that you can’t carry it through the airport without having to drag it along like some sort of forlorn, moping dog that just wants to sit in a basket and eat, you really shouldn’t be trying to jam it into the overhead compartment. Check it in.

See. Told you it was simple.

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