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David Whitley is an experienced freelance travel journalist. He currently lives in the UK, although he did spend five years in Australia and goes back there rather often. He has a regular column in the UK edition of National Geographic Traveller, and his work has appeared in the likes of the Guardian, Telegraph, Independent, Sunday Times and Metro (UK) plus the Sydney Morning Herald and Sun-Herald over in Oz.

He does plenty of that online list-making stuff too, most notably for MSN UK and Ninemsn in Australia, whilst he does a lot of blogging for Roundtheworldflights.com. He’s good with coming up with ideas, and spotting unusual angles. He likes to think he can write in a more engaging, entertaining way than most.

He’s available for work, too. Editors with commissioning budgets can drop him a line – it’s davidwhitleywriter(at)gmail(dot)com. The same applies to any travel companies that want to improve their websites with high quality content.

Oh, and he doesn’t usually talk about himself in the third person. So I’ll stop now.


About Grumpytraveller.com


My first book - Hardly Paradise: Anti-Postcards From A Grumpy Traveller - features 70 of my favourite travel stories from around the globe. It is out now on Kindle for just £2.99.

If you've enjoyed what you've read on this site, then buying the book would be the best way of saying thank you and helping to keep it going.

If you've not got a Kindle or just aren't interested in the book, that's OK. But if you click through on the link below, then buy anything else from Amazon (travel gear, guide books etc), I'll earn a tiny commission. And that would be nice too.

Grumpy Traveller started out as a personal blog that allowed me to whinge about the negative side of travel. It has since mutated into something different. Something different and somewhat unwieldy.  Therefore, I had it redesigned and split into distinct sections in 2012. These are:


Grumpy Traveller blog: The original-style moaning about travel’s negatives, mixed with a bit of consumer journalism when travel companies are pulling a fast one.

Photography: Images from my travels. I’m a dreadful photographer, so I’ll not bore you with scenery shots – these tend to be things I saw and just found funny.

City guides: Free, properly researched and genuinely useful city guides.

Destinations: A collection of stories about particular destinations – mostly vignette-style captures of events or experiences.

Reviews: Reviews of hotels, travel gear and anything else I deem worthy of a review.

Travel tips: Advice on various aspects of travel, from budgeting to beating jet lag.

Travel writing & media: Where I have moved all the industry insider stuff – the chat and opinions about travel writing and blogging.

Portfolio: Links to stories of mine that have been published elsewhere.


If you work in the travel industry and are thinking of sending me press releases or invites for press trips, this guide should give a better idea of what I look for in stories and how I prefer to work.

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