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There are a number of advertising options available with Grumpy Traveller. You can view traffic stats for the site HERE, read through the advertising policy HERE and look at the the editorial policy HERE. You can discuss the options by e-mailing davidwhitleywriter(at)gmail(dot)com or contacting me via Twitter (@mrdavidwhitley). If I’m not on the road, I’m happy to discuss over the phone.

Sponsored posts

Certain posts on Grumpy Traveller are available for sponsorship. This is not the sponsored post model available on many poor quality blogs – think more in terms of sponsoring a TV programme, event or roundabout. The topics are still chosen by the author, who has complete editorial control.

Advertisers can sponsor posts by paying for either a 300×250 pixel or 120×600 pixel banner advert in the top right hand corner of the post, and a 75 word information box below it. The information box is allowed to contain two links – one to the home page (linked to the site name) and one to another page of the advertiser’s choosing – and can contain a maximum of 75 words. Please see the advertising policy page for advice and rules on wording. The following wording is an example of what to expect:

This post was kindly funded by Best Flight Sales.

Best Flight Sales is an independent travel deals site that concentrates on the big offers, and cuts out the mediocre so-called ‘sale’ fares. Its travel experts trawl airline and travel websites every week to find the best flight deals from UK airports to major destinations across the world – such as Florida. The deals are checked by humans, rather than computers, and monitored against prices for other airlines. Therefore only the best offers are published.


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The following sites are usually my first port of call when booking a trip - so I recommend them as somewhere to start when booking your own holiday.
HOTELS: (£) or Agoda (£)
FLIGHTS: Skyscanner (£) Kayak or
CAR HIRE: Car Rentals (£)
GUIDE BOOKS: Amazon (£)

Prices for sponsoring posts are as follows:

Series of posts requiring travel to the destination – from £1,000 for 5, £1,750 for 10, £2,400 for 15, £3,000 for 20.

New destination post – £140 for one or £600 for 5

Already published destination post – £80

New photo post – £100 for one or £400 for 5 (only 120×600 pixel ads)

Already published photo post – £60 (only 120×600 pixel ads)

New Grumpy Traveller Blog/ Writing & Media/ Review post – £120 for one or £500 for 5

Already published Grumpy Traveller Blog/ Writing & Media/ Review post – £70

Portfolio post – £60 for one or £250 for 5

New tips post – £250

Already published tips post – £150

Already published city guide – £350

New city guide – depends on costs of researching in that particular city (ie. Nottingham will be cheaper than Lusaka), but minimum of £750.

Homepage display advertising

There are certain spots within the site structure that are available for adverts.

Top right of page in main heading (720×90 pixels): £7,500 for 12 month placement.  (Only one spot available)

Top of sidebar (300×250 pixels): £5,000 for 12 month placement. (Only one spot available)

Supporters of Grumpy Traveller page

All advertisers booking £500 worth (or more) of advertising will be listed with a link to the company home page on the Supporters of Grumpy Traveller page. This page will be broken down into categories (such as hotels, tours, car hire etc).

Have me write for you

I don’t just write on Grumpy Traveller (see About page for more details) and if you like the content on here, then I could easily write for your site as well. I already do this for some travel companies – including Viator and Drop me a line, and we can talk…

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