Editorial Policy

The following is the editorial policy that Grumpy Traveller attempts to adhere to…

Guest posts

All content on this site is written by David Whitley. No guest posts are accepted.

Freebies and disclosure

In the course of my work, I am often hosted for free. That may mean free hotel rooms, free tours or free meals. Where relevant, I will always disclose this at the bottom of the post.


Sometimes the things I review (such as hotels or travel gear) will have involved a freebie. Again, this will be disclosed at the bottom of the review. I’ll still review honestly, however. Perhaps too honestly for the tastes of the PR people involved.

Affiliate links

Some links in my articles may be linked through an affiliate programme. In brief, this means that if you click on that link and buy something as a result, I will earn a small commission.  My policy on affiliate links is that I write the article first, and then see if there’s an appropriate affiliate link later (ie. to a mentioned hotel or airline website). I’m not writing things purely for the purpose of squeezing affiliate links in, and I’ll use them only when they make no actual difference to the reader. I also mark each affiliate link with an (£) sign afterwards for clarity. If you find any old posts that don’t follow this policy, please let me know and I’ll alter them. A few may have slipped the net from early experiments with advertising on the site.

Sponsored posts

All topics are chosen by the author, who has complete editorial control. In other words, I’ll not do a post on travel insurance because travel insurance company X asks me to.


I put a lot of work into this site, and I am planning to make money from it. I make no excuses about this, but I try and do the right thing with the adverts involved. Please read the advertising policy if you want to know more.


All comments are moderated. I’ll let every single one of them through unless they’re A) needlessly abusive to another commenter, B) what I deem to be libellous or C) blatant attempts to get free advertising.

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