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Grumpy Traveller is a labour of love rather than an income stream for me, so I hope you don’t mind a few adverts. The following companies are all ones that I either use (or have used in the past) and have generally found Quite Good. Believe me, there are some dreadful ones that I could have put on this page but won’t touch with a bargepole.

I earn a small commission for anything booked through the links/ adverts below. So if you like the site, and were looking to book flights/ hotels/ transport etc, then going to book via the adverts below will give me a little beer money. And, ahem, they may save you some money and all that shameless sell-out jazz.

Another – perhaps nicer way to do it is by buying a gift certificate from through the Grumpy Traveller site. Not for me – just get a gift certificate for a friend or yourself, and I get a small cut.


Qatar Airways
Virgin Atlantic
Air New Zealand


Hotels/ Accommodation


My first book - Hardly Paradise: Anti-Postcards From A Grumpy Traveller - features 70 of my favourite travel stories from around the globe. It is out now on Kindle for just £2.99.

If you've enjoyed what you've read on this site, then buying the book would be the best way of saying thank you and helping to keep it going.

If you've not got a Kindle or just aren't interested in the book, that's OK. But if you click through on the link below, then buy anything else from Amazon (travel gear, guide books etc), I'll earn a tiny commission. And that would be nice too.

Mr and Mrs Smith boutique hotels

Accor Hotels

Premier Inn



East Midlands Trains – UK train bookings

Rail Easy – UK train bookings
Rail Europe – European train bookings


Books and Maps

Ordnance Survey



Online shopping


Car Hire

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