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Grumpy Traveller is a labour of love rather than an income stream for me, so I hope you don’t mind a few adverts. The following companies are all ones that I either use (or have used in the past) and have generally found Quite Good. Believe me, there are some dreadful ones that I could have put on this page but won’t touch with a bargepole.

I earn a small commission for anything booked through the links/ adverts below. So if you like the site, and were looking to book flights/ hotels/ transport etc, then going to book via the adverts below will give me a little beer money. And, ahem, they may save you some money and all that shameless sell-out jazz.

Another – perhaps nicer way to do it is by buying a gift certificate from through the Grumpy Traveller site. Not for me – just get a gift certificate for a friend or yourself, and I get a small cut.


Qatar Airways
Virgin Atlantic
Air New Zealand


Hotels/ Accommodation

Mr and Mrs Smith boutique hotels

Accor Hotels

Premier Inn



East Midlands Trains – UK train bookings

Rail Easy – UK train bookings
Rail Europe – European train bookings


Books and Maps

Ordnance Survey



Online shopping


Car Hire

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