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The first Grumpy Traveller book was released for the Kindle in August 2012. It’s called Hardly Paradise: Anti-Postcards From A Grumpy Traveller and features 70 short stories.

It contains some of the best stuff that has been on, but also features my columns for National Geographic Traveller and favourite stories that I’ve had published in newspapers and magazines all over the world.

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read on the site, then there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the book too. And, if you’ve ever thought “I really like this site. What can I do to help fund it?” then buying the book is a solution in which everyone wins. That said, if you want to transfer thousands of pounds into my bank account, I’m happy with that too.

The book is currently only available through the Amazon Kindle store. Use the following links, and I get a slightly higher percentage of the cover price:

Hardly Paradise on

Hardly Paradise on


My first book - Hardly Paradise: Anti-Postcards From A Grumpy Traveller - features 70 of my favourite travel stories from around the globe. It is out now on Kindle for just £2.99.

If you've enjoyed what you've read on this site, then buying the book would be the best way of saying thank you and helping to keep it going.

If you've not got a Kindle or just aren't interested in the book, that's OK. But if you click through on the link below, then buy anything else from Amazon (travel gear, guide books etc), I'll earn a tiny commission. And that would be nice too.

Hardly Paradise on

Hardly Paradise on

Hardly Paradise on

Hardly Paradise on

If you don’t have a Kindle (£), well it’s unquestionably* worth buying a Kindle for.


Book description (taken from the Kindle store)

A collection of the best travel writing from National Geographic Traveller columnist and author David Whitley. Featuring 70 carefully-selected stories from David’s career as a travel writer, the tales stretch from New York to New Zealand, and Paris to Palau.

Designed as a selection of short stories to dip in and out of, Hardly Paradise ditches the glossy sheen of the travel brochures. Sometimes funny, sometimes bleak and sometimes downright intriguing, this is a collection of personal experiences, bizarre oddities and fascinating human dramas picked up in unlikely corners of the world.

It swings from watching a car crash unfold at a Las Vegas roulette table to humiliation in an Italian spa. Tales of ineptitude include falling out a canoe into an alligator-infested river, being taken in by a Malaysian conman and getting locked into a wildlife refuge.

Not all of the stories are David’s, however. There are global tales of heartbreak and loss collected by a Croatian couple whose relationship had run its course; there’s the erotic art obsession of a septuagenarian grandmother; there’s the case of a Pacific Islander who has had to find work because his wife has embraced capitalism.

The mood swings from joyous geriatric karaoke to seedy Thai romance; from signs of hope in a land devastated by a volcano to hotels that just want to annoy their guests.

These anti-postcards come from five continents – from Singapore to Sydney, Lesotho to Las Vegas, Berlin to Brooklyn and Vancouver to the Vatican. They rarely wish you were here, but they do shine a light on what you might be missing. You’ll laugh, you’ll fight back tears, you’ll find yourself saying: “I never knew that”. And you’ll never trust a monkey again…


*Questionably. Highly questionably.


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