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How to get media coverage for your hotel or tour – advice for independent operators

David Whitley September 27, 2010 3

Ten tips for getting yourself noticed: PART ONE   In recent times, I have come across a number of really interesting projects – be they unusual tours, genuinely excellent B&Bs or quirky experiences. And

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Grumpy Traveller on other blogs

David Whitley September 22, 2009 3

I’ve been a little slutty recently, and contributing to a couple of other blogs. Ironically, given my little hissy fit about ‘character’ accommodation yesterday, I’ve picked out a place I’d happily pay to stay

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Character hotels vs chain hotels: Why travel writers will rarely recommend the best accommodation

David Whitley September 21, 2009 13

Twitter confessions An interesting bout of shame-faced confession broke out on Twitter a week or so ago. A few travel writers – most of whom spend their time tracking down stylish design hotels or

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What is a budget hotel? The travel media doesn’t seem to understand

David Whitley September 9, 2009 12

Travel media and budget hotels I have come to the conclusion that people working in the travel media are in some kind of fantasy land. Recently, I have seen so many stories about the

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