In Austria the Tap Water is Safe and Drinkable

Is the tap water in Austria safe to drink? The tap water in Austria is among the best quality tap water in the world and can therefore be drunk without hesitation. It is even recommended to favor the tap water in Austria over the drinking water from the supermarket. This is because it can have … Read more

In Rome the Tap Water Is Drinkable

Can you drink tap water in Rome? The tap water in Rome is characterized by an excellent quality and is therefore suitable for drinking. It is tap water with a good taste, which is due to the high quality of the water sources from which it comes. Moreover, in some suburbs of Rome there is … Read more

Why Tourists can drink tap water in Portugal

Can you drink tap water in Portugal? Tap water in Portugal is generally drinkable – in some regions, the tap water is even of a particularly high quality. This is mainly due to the fact that Portugal, as a member of the EU, must adhere to the EU’s general requirements for tap water quality. Nevertheless, … Read more

New Zealand – winter sports with zeal

You don´t like skiing? Why not give ice skating at Tekapo Park or snowboarding at Treble Cone a try? Have you thought of ice climbing at the Fox Glacier or snowmobiling near Queenstown? New Zealand offers georgeous opportunities in the winter, but skiing is not for everyone. All these people with latches tied to their … Read more

Blogging and tweeting as a travel blogger

As I don´t want to overwhelm you with a mighty post, I am going to seperate the subject into three parts. The first part “What blogging and tweeting has done for me” comes right now, “Models for monetising blogs” and “What journalists, bloggers and marketers can learn from each other’” will follow in due time. … Read more

My 65 greatest cities of contrasts

For every decent traveller. visiting a city means visiting a great city of contrasts. Alas, which city should I visit? Grumpy traveller has found out with the help of global media. Same procedure as every year. People discussing their holiday plans and the one thing they all agree on is: it has to be a … Read more

The Nasty Little Queue Charge at Liverpools Airport’s

Last Thursday I had to meet Liverpool Airport as I flew from Madrid. The airports official name – of course – is John Lennon Airport. However I can´t imagine someone who created perfect music for the eternity would have willingly given his name for an airport so bumblingly managed. Although I am well familiar with … Read more