How to choose the right hotel

It´s all about you – what do you like best? What are your plans for your holiday? You don´t want to spend any time in your room except sleeping? Then you just need clean sheets. But maybe you would like to get a little bit more out of your stay? Start your day with a … Read more

Bloggers, Travel Companies and Content: Writing for new Platforms

I am a travel journalist of the old school (sort of). A lot of my stuff I write for traditional employers – magazines like National Geographic Traveller or Newspaper like the Sun-Herald in Australia. I also write – traditional – for the web (for pages comparable to MSN Travel) and I do write for my … Read more

A Full time Living With A Travel Blog?

Torre DeRoche began blogging for the same reason, people started writing postcards more than a hundred years ago. She planned to cross the Pacific Ocean on a sailboat wth her boyfriend from Argentina – her parents had never set eyes on. She thought a regularly updated blog could make them sleep more peacefully. “I started … Read more

Using the website Flybe – did it work for me?

To check out the website, I chose a flight at random (Manchester to Milan Malpensa on Tuesday 21 September). On first sight, the website is very easy to understand. The prices for flights for each day are shown. On Monday 20 September it´s £49.17 – no one offers a lower price. Great, I click the … Read more